Our Work

Our work is to address the underlying environmental and relational issues that may have led us to feel unwanted and incongruous same-sex attractions in the first place.

We work on the LUST principle.

L: Lust

Recognising our source of lust (shahwa) towards the same sex and working on addressing its power in our lives. Understanding shame and negative beliefs. Understanding unhealthy sexual relationships (fahisha) and working towards a God-centric view of sexuality.

U: Unity

Developing deep friendships with brothers (ikhwan) and having the sense of belonging in a brotherhood (or for women: sisterhood) or a community. Appreciating the unity of both male and female archetypes in ourselves and understanding the oneness (tawhid) of Allah (swt).

S: Support

Creating a support network around us that helps us lead a God-centric life. Letting go of past, unhealthy relationships. Seeking accountability partners to address unhealthy addictions to pornography, sex, etc.  

T: Trust

Developing trust we may have lost in members of our own sex and putting ultimate trust to Allah and surrendering our issues to Him. Working from a place of openness, authenticity and vulnerability. Trusting that God has a plan for us in our journey towards Him. Living a God-centric life (Taqwa).  

Our Values are God-Centric

Strong support endorses these values.

God centricity over self-centricity (26:161/3), (26:169)

Strength, Support and Power: Self-esteem (11:80)

-Understanding our lust (27:55)

-Understanding idolization and shame (29:25)

– Recognising our journey towards God (29:26)

-Leaving unhealthy aspects of our past, with understanding and moving forward (29:32) (26:168) (27:57) (54:34) (37:134-8)

Forbearance (11:75)

Repentance (11:75)

-Appreciation of masculinity and brotherhood (26:161)

-Appreciation of femininity and sisterhood (26:166)

Trustworthiness (26:162)

Modesty (27:54) (29:28)

Gratitude (54:35)

Empathy (11:77)

(Note the brackets refer to the Quranic verse the values pertain to)